Project Overview: The Teen Titans Project Fan-Film/Web Series has been in veiled development for over 2 years and, as of March of 2012, official pre-production finally kicked off under the leadership of Chelton L. Perry. Chelton’s vision has always been to produce a fan-film based off of the comic book team, The Teen Titans. He wanted to prove that a younger generation of super heroes has what it takes to command a starring role. As DC comics owns the rights to all of their heroes, The Teen Titans Project does not and will not claim any rights to the characters being portrayed. This project is not intended to conflict with any canon projects which DC Comics/Warner Brothers is creating. None of our CAST or CREW will be paid for doing this project. The project’s goal is to make a spectacular volunteer short fan film/web series in hopes that people will be entertained and recognize the time and effort that each member of the TT team put into it.

Where are we now?? Over the past 7 months our amazing pre-production team has accomplished many things, including the development of gorgeous character costumes.

(Please see a sample of our concept art below:

With our heroes’ designs well under way, we are ready to bring these costumes into the real world with a top-tier costume designer who has worked on such movies as Amazing Spider-Man and the New Superman: Man of Steel movie. Additionally, a custom soundtrack has been scored, including such tracks as the official Teen Titans Project Theme, Robin’s Theme, Wondergirl’s Theme, and Superboy’s Theme.

(Sample link to Wondergirl’s Theme Song:

In short, our production team is assembled, we’ve begun advertising the project all over the web (with an official website on its way), our crew is prepared, our actors are cast, and we’re all itching to start filming!

Who is Involved? Chelton Perry (Project Manager, Director, Editor): Chelton has worked on various short films, including a pilot that is being pitched to major networks and cable stations. He is associated with the Orange County Food Association and has filmed, edited and distributed many promotional videos for them. You may Search Chelton’s other works on IMDB –

  • Ashley Undercuffler (Wondergirl):
  • Matt Fowler (Nightwing):
  • Amanda Hosler (Costume Designer):

These are only a few of the amazing people working on this stellar production crew!

Why The Teen Titans? Our director has wanted to pay homage to the Teen Titans for a long time. He’s found the message that young heroes have the ability to save the world just as well as the older heroes to be inspiring. However, it’s bothered him that the younger heroes remain unnoticed by prominent industry features. Seven years ago, a company called UNTAMED CINEMA created a fan-made trailer called GRAYSON, in which Robin was the main character. The success of the trailer gave our director confidence that another sidekick-type fan film could, should and would be made. Thus, the seed of Teen Titans Project was planted. Clearly, Chelton’s vision for such a grand project, carried in his head for many years, could not remain private for long. It needed to grow, flourish, and be shared with a fan base always hungry for superhero tales of quality and fun. The Teen Titans Project team members are 100% passionate about making this happen, and will continueto do everything in their power to bring this project to life. But, in order to move ahead with our goal, we need your help and donations.

When will this be made? We will begin production in March of 2013, which is coming up very soon. There is still much to do but the team is confident that, with proper funding, we can gather all necessary resources in the allotted time.

Will I be able to see the Final Product? No, it’s just for us to watch. Go away. What do you think?!?!!? Of course you will! Our goal is to release the Teen Titans Project for free all over the web, in various film festivals, Comic-Cons, Anime-Expos, and quite simply any event we can find! This project will be out there for YOU! Additionally, our fans will be able to find the final productions, as well as development updates, on our official web site (still under construction), Facebook page and YouTube account. Plus, a few lucky people who donate will be able to see a special sneak peak of the project before it’s released.

Why $3,000+? The members of our crew are incredible and have worked on no-budget independent films in the past, producing stellar products with all available supplies at hand. We know how to stretch the dollar to make a quality product. And as we have hand many things donated to us in order to make this production move forward, costumes are our number one goal. Once we get them done we can begin production. That $3,000+ plus dollars will be but into the production of our costumes along with

  • Cinema Lenses
  • Permits
  • Hard Drives
  • Food for the actors

These are just a fraction of what your contributions will be going towards. Every dime can and will be used for the film to produce something spectacular.

Do I get anything In return? Absolutely! Based on a the scale of your donation, we’re excited to offer such rewards as:

  • High-resolution downloadable Teen Titans Project wallpaper
  • Teen Titans Project T-shirts
  • Signed artwork by our Lead Art Director
  • Credits in the production and our website
  • Downloadable soundtrack for the Teen Titans Project
  • Lunch with the cast and crew
  • A Teen Titans Tower scale-replica

Final Thoughts: The Teen Titans Project is being developed by a group of eager, talented individuals who simply want to create something amazing. Luckily, we’re knee deep in doing just that. Everything is in place; we just need the help of fans like you to help move this idea into a reality. This is not just OUR project; it’s YOURS as well!